| 08 December, 2013 09:28

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New website for gallery

| 27 October, 2011 16:51

I'm working on this new website for the gallery I am sharing with Lorin.  We're planning a holiday show with gift priced artworks and crafts.  We have hand made scarfs by Stevo Sadvary....  Stay posted!

New Gallery

| 15 August, 2011 11:46

Since February, 2011, I have moved twice.  The first place, the cave, didn't work out.  Now my son Lorin and I have a beautiful storefront studio in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, and we are open as a gallery from 1-5 Wednesday through Sunday, plus whenever we are there working on new pieces, or by appointment.  The address is 2635 Murray Avenur, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15217  412-421-3212.  We are Boksenbaum Fine Art Studio and Gallery.